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Age Prevention – Everyone’s game

May 11, 2021

We all age – but many of us are choosing to age smarter. And, 2021’s cosmetic trajectory includes a ‘preventive’ mindset for many, as more of us reach out to plastic surgery and appearance medicine procedures to keep those lines at bay and cheeks full.

Preventive measures are no new phenomenon – nor are they bound to one age group – the earlier you target those wrinkles, the less progression to deeper, fixed lines as you age. In fact, regular injections of Botox in one study have been found to increase the elasticity of skin for up to four months – there’s more to it than just paralysing muscles. And because Botox is a neuromodulator, it not only helps to diminish fine lines, but also open up the eyes and shape the eyebrows.

Alongside injectables, the mini facelift is also touted as a top popular preventative plastic surgery procedure? Why? Because it’s suited to people who are experiencing the very first signs of aging – mild facial sagging, loss of elasticity, particularly around the lower face. A mini lift surgically tightens saggy and drooping skin and can restore the chin line, and provide greater jaw definition. The promise? A less invasive procedure and restored youthful features in tune with facial asymmetries.

And alongside injectables and surgery, sunscreen and vitamin A are top preventers in the fight against age. Why vitamin A? Because it contains collagen boosting retinoids that provide our skin with greater form and structure, and works to soften and smooth wrinkles. The earlier you can jump on the retinoid bandwagon, the greater protection and damage protection you gift your skin. As for sunscreen, its benefits are extensive – preventing wrinkles, skin discoloration, dark spots, and most importantly, standing up to skin cancer. Use it year-round and don't forget to lock in those annual skin checks too. Winter especially is a great time to lock in an appointment with one of our skin cancer experts. Why? Because the skin is rested and settled from summer sun behaviours.

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