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Breast enhancement . . . It's an individual cosmetic journey

April 9, 2022

Breast augmentation remains top of the world’s most popular cosmetic surgeries – and it is a procedure best served with an individual approach. Forget comparison between friends or scrolling online for the results you want, when it comes to truly enhancing your breasts – don’t take input on implants, lifts and fat grafting from others. Why? Because there is no one-for-all, over-the-counter solution when it comes to breast surgery specifics. Especially given that opting to undergo any breast surgery procedure is a big step.

Breast technologies and developments in this cosmetic field are continually advancing and are within reach with the right advice and plastic surgeon leading the way. And, because there are options for everyone no matter what your shape or size – it’s important to understand every option available to you, to ensure greatest results and long-term success.

So, what are some the considerations a breast surgeon will discuss pre-surgery?

If your breasts sag below the crease or your nipples point downwards . . .

A breast lift in conjunction with breast implants or fat grafting might be needed, as skin may require additional tightening coupled with extra lift.

Cleavage is a huge factor too – not just size. . .

A surgeon won’t just discuss profile, fill and preoperative anatomy factors in relation to breast size. Cleavage – the space between your breasts – will also be examined. And, depending on your measurements – including the overall percentage of tissue between your breasts – the pocket for breast implants may need to be adjusted to bring your breasts closer together – or alternately further apart.

The time factor . . .

Overtime implants can move/shift on the chest wall, or capsular contracture can push implants upwards. So, alongside discussion and analysis, surgeons – like our own Adam Bialostocki – will use 3D imaging as an in-depth way of assessing what your breasts will look like post-surgery.

Your best results don’t depend on others experience or the results they wear. Consultation and guidance from an experienced and qualified surgeon is critical to the best, satisfactory long-term results – and safety – for you. Don’t make light work of your breast journey – take best steps forward with a trusted team of breast experts.

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