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Breast implant registries . . . Gifting greater support and assurance

January 27, 2022

Globally, many plastic surgeons support the advancement of breast registries – a place to record and keep details of women’s implants as a safeguard for the future. As a response to worldwide breast implant controversies – with Allergan’s breast implant recall of its Biocell textured breast implants in July 2019 being one of the most significant in recent times – several breast registries have been created over the past seven years in Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy – New Zealand not included.

Across the past three years especially, questions about breast implant safety has been raised across mainstream and social media platforms, honing in on breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), breast implant illness (BII) and the limitations of pre- and post-market approval studies. This increased breast implant airtime has resulted in greater demand from people, practitioners and industry providers the world over for stricter monitoring of breast implant performance and quality of care.

At our clinic we understand that long term peace-of-mind is pivotal to the health and wellbeing of all women who under breast implant surgeries. Our cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Adam Bialostocki, engages the revolutionary Motiva breast implants, so our patients can be assured of greater safety and monitoring via Motiva’s breast implant registry. It’s simple and straightforward to register your implants – a few clicks of a button. Speak to our team about this additional layer of breast implant benefit and protection.

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