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Getting Leggy with it – a thighplasty could be your ticket to a perfect pair of pins

August 14, 2023

Summertime is a leggy affair – out with the pants and in with the shorts and skirts. However, baring our thighs and embracing our legs isn’t something everyone is comfortable with. Fortunately, a thigh lift or thighplasty, is the cosmetic surgical procedure to bring positive change. Bringing greater contour and form to the legs and strengthening body confidence.

According to a recent survey of data collected from over 1,000 cosmetic surgeons, across 117 countries, conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), thigh lifts were the quickest growing cosmetic surgery globally – with surgeries increasing 53% from 2020.

Because our thighs are unique to us, a thighplasty works with the shape and contours of our natural form to sculpt and remove excess skin and fat. During the procedure, a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon tightens the underlying muscles and tissues of the thigh, and often engages liposuction to remove fat deposits – particularly where skin elasticity is poor. Although the length of surgery will vary depending on your individual needs, you can expect the procedure to take anywhere from 90minutes to three hours.

And for the 80-90% of us who suffer from cellulite, a thigh lift may also help in this dimply department. Because cellulite occurs as a result of interactions between the connective tissue that lies below the skins surface and the layer of fat just beneath it, a thighplasty works to smoothen out and tone these troublesome areas and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.

As for summer ready pins? Expect a thigh lift recovery to take anywhere between four-to-six weeks, with restricted activities for the first two weeks, and strenuous exercise for six weeks. Undergoing a thighplasty in the cooler months before the heat of summer arrives doesn’t just allow for a perfect pin reveal come Christmas but the cooler temps also aid post-operative swelling, and any compression garments can stay hidden and discreet beneath garments. Scheduling a cosmetic surgery procedure well in advance of the summer months and festive parties also gives your body time to settle its new contoured form.

With any cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedure, safety is paramount. Whether it's thigh lift or another body contouring procedure, choose to place yourself in the hands of a qualified and trusted plastic surgeon.


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