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Stay in the Nose . . .

August 3, 2021

The past decade has seen cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures soar – and demand shows no signs of slowing. Remaining on the most popular list is rhinoplasty – the third most sought after procedure globally in 2019 – achieving greater form, structure and rejuvenation, and function for young and old. So, if you, a friend or loved one is considering greater visible nose correctness and restoration – stay in the nose and seek sound advice!

Rhinoplasty seeks to removing limitations, restore function and confidence. For allergy sufferers – particularly throughout the months of August and September – the nose can be one of the biggest hurdles you deal with across the pollen season. And, despite medicinal intervention, sometimes allergies or sinus infections can remain stubbornly fixed. This is where rhinoplasty slots in, by removing tissue to reduce the size of the soft structures in your lower nasal passages (inferior turbinates). Correcting problems that many think they'll have to continually live with, remedied in one procedure.

Irrespective of whether you choose to undergo rhinoplasty to straighten or unpinch a nasal tip or a pronounced bump, ultimately rhinoplastywill harmonise the proportions of the nose with the entire face. So, with nasal correctness you’ll also harness greater balance to the eyes, mouth and forehead– making them more relative to one another and correcting any distance metrics.

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